We Cater for

Private Events (Birthday Parties, Graduation and Anniversaries…)
Company Lunches
Sport Games, Concerts and Festivals
Community and Charity Events

Build your own Menu, Choose any Items

1. Bacon Wrap Hot Dogs

with grilled onions, hot peppers and spicy mayo

2. Hamburgers

with cheese and your choice of dressings

3.  Lettuce wrap turkey dogs

4.  Veggie Burgers

5. Salmon Burger

6.  Cheese quesadillas

with green salsa or beef

7.   Beef Tacos

with  green salsa, fresh cilantro and onions

8.  Chicken Tacos

with cilantro, green salsa and grilled onions

9. Tacos Al Pastor

with red salsa, raw onions and fresh cilantro

10.  Cheese Nachos

with beef or plain cheese

11.  Aguas Frescas

Tamarindo, Watermelon, Melon
and your choice of flavors on request.

12.  Fresh Garden Salads

with the best ingredients and special dressings.

13.  Fresh fruit salads

Strawberries, Water Melon, Blueberries Romaine Lettuce, Nuts and More…

14.  Ice Cream bars

15. Young Coconuts

16 . Sodas and your choice of drink
… and more Dishes on your requests

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